At Vitaller we provide qualified technical services in healthcare, research and social services architecture, developing comprehensive projects in which people form the centre of our designs.

It is as important in our everyday business to meet the goals that guarantee the success of our clients as it is to establish an ethical commitment with society. This commitment started from within, from the satisfaction and the stimulation of the innovative talent of our employees, before expanding to the spheres of social progress, respect for the environment and sustained economic growth.


Som una empresa amb més de 20 anys d’activitat en el camp del disseny i l’arquitectura, innovant en la millora de la salut de les persones des del principi amb l’objectiu de portar a terme projectes que uneixin la qualitat arquitectònica amb la capacitat de servei als clients, des d’una perspectiva integral del projecte, la construcció i la seva gestió.

We are a company with over 20 years of experience in the field of design and architecture, innovating in improving the health of people with our designs in order to complete projects that combine architectural quality with the capacity to serve clients, from the comprehensive perspective of the project, its construction and its management.

We employ a team of over 20 professionals and  we believe in teamwork, collective authorship and compatibility between professional and private lives. We therefore promote equal opportunities between men and women, opportunities for personal growth and the permanent training of those working with us.

Our company develops healthcare architecture projects. Our designs focus on the experience of our users, as our architecture focuses on the individual.

We use innovative strategies through technologies and advanced methods, focusing on excellence, design, schedule fulfilment and budget to align our response with the goals of our clients.

Our buildings are flexible, functional, efficient and adaptable to the future needs and evolution of the sector. Above all, we design with users and their cultural diversity in mind, using universal design criteria to guarantee our spaces are inclusive, creating environments that form part of the therapeutic process and ensure the user experience is both satisfactory and positive.

As a foundational value, we establish an ethical commitment with society, which in our business focuses on areas of social and community interest, the sustainability of our projects and the dissemination of the results of our professional and research activity through conferences, publications and education.

Our defining values are:


we are partners of our clients and we propose an innovative and contemporary design in all our work, with custom solutions to suit the expectations and needs of our clients.


we provide our projects with value. Right from the very first sketches, we have an integral understanding of the project, proposing and designing to meet the goals of technical design and quality, time and budget.


we are experts in the healthcare sector. Each type of architecture requires specific knowledge of how it works and of the technical conditions to be met, as well as the conditioning factors and specific on-site resources. We have this necessary knowledge and experience to provide efficient and complete solutions that include different disciplines.


we work together instead of competing. We believe in teamwork, which is why we have a highly qualified and specialist workforce. In each project we establish alliances that combine experience, curriculum and strengths to obtain the best result together.


each project is unique. Every project represents for us a new opportunity to design the best solution adapted to the needs and requirements of each client.  We do not repeat projects. We learn and improve every day, evolving in our work and experience.


we use knowledge the create new products. We take part together with many different organisations in research that enables us to anticipate what hospitals of the future will be like, applying this knowledge to our projects.

Architecture focused on the individual

Understanding the word “use” beyond its functional connotations enables us to accept that architecture is not just what we do inside it, but also how people live and feel. Experiences and feelings, along with the different meanings acquired, turn buildings into an experience.

Man’s life is built with the experience of space. Architecture cannot remain a consumer object, it cannot be reduced to merely formal and functional matters.

Architecture is more than appearance. It is not simply conceptual enjoyment, but also direct perception for the senses: smell, colour, light, environmental comfort, easy living, and how it can improve the physical and subjective well-being of people and communities.

Developing the human scale, comfort and well-being of users, designing to stimulate all human senses, achieving spaces that promote personal autonomy and independence, social relations and the feeling of belonging to a group but that also protect privacy and individuality is the goal in our designs. Architecture focused on the individual.

The three mainstays of the designs with people at the centre of our focus are:

– Promoting the individual and social inclusion of users.

– Creating a stimulating and healing environment.

– Thinking in people as the central objective of the building.

An inclusive design is the creation of an environment for use by the largest number of people possible, regardless of their age, sex, skills or ability.

Not only does it refer to accessibility matters, it must ensure that people with disabilities can take part in their community, living an autonomous life, enabling people with disabilities to play a full role in society, promoting equality.


Albert Vitaller Santiró

Architect, Managing Partner

Laia Isern Meix

Partner Architect

Carla Hoyos Morales

Administration and HR

Carolina Zoilo Delgado

Architect, Quality Manager and Environment.

Laura Sen Tarrafeta

Partner Architect, Project Manager

Eva Roense Simó

Partner Architect, Project Manager

Clara Bujella Bueno

Architecture Master Student

Marta Saval Segura


Andrea Carolina Malaver Palacios

Student of Architecture

Júlia Pallejà Alguero

Architecture Master Student

Katalin Zsòfia Lengyel


Óscar Garzón Gómez

Technical Architect

Elena Macho García

Project Manager

Josep Mº Font González

Student of Architecture

Sergio Lobato

Architect, BIM Manager

Anaís García Salas

Student of Architecture

Angela Martínez

Student of Architecture