Project for the alteration and refurbishment of the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona

Date: 2011-2019
Alteration: 5,150 m²
Budget: € 5,200,456.35
Developer: Hospital Clínic de Barcelona

The Hospital Clínic i Provincial de Barcelona is a teaching hospital with ties with the University of Barcelona - more specifically with the Faculty of Medicine, which it physically surrounds. Located in Barcelona city centre, it was founded in 1906 and is set within the classicist eclectic-style architectural site of the Faculty of Medicine, based on a project by Ignasi C. Bartrolí (1881). The alteration project is approached in several phases that do not affect the habitual use of the hospital, as only the areas involved will be closed to avoid having any impact on normal hospital activity.

Adaptation to the environment // These are interior alterations inside an architecturally protected site in order to adapt them to its current use and to new technological and user needs.

Organisation and layout // This is determined by the work commissioned in which the layout developed with the unit to be altered takes priority, depending on the geometric limitations of the building itself.

Singularity and character // Every attempt is made to give the space quality to favour the long or short stay of patients and healthcare workers alike.   The entrances are given light and the walls are used whenever possible, giving them colour to make the spaces more pleasant.

Sustainability criteria // Dependant on the rigidity of the technical and healthcare requirements of the materials to be used, materials will take priority that respond to all this but that are linked to durability in both their use and in the fact that they do not interfere with the healthcare activity, ensuring the materials do not have to be quickly replaced.

All the materials used are of a high standard and mostly prefabricated, which means that the construction is dry and its implementation and replacement of parts is easier, in an attempt to save a significant amount of energy.